Choosing the Right Trout Fishing Bait

There are many different kinds of trout fishing bait out there. No matter the type of fishing you do, you likely have a favorite bait. Most people can recite their favorite baits and tell you the last time they caught fish with them. Regardless of your favorite trout fishing bait, here are some tried and true baits to get you started.

When the fishing season is just getting going, the fish are generally a bit lazy. It might seem that they have little interest in most trout fishing bait. Often bait small, fast moving bait is the best choice. This bait will excite those lazy lunkers and earn you a hit.

A classic trout fishing bait that can yield great results is the night crawler. Night crawlers are irresistible to most fish, because they squirm around under the water. Large worms can be cast a fair distance, but smaller worms are too light to cast very far. Another potential pitfall with worms occurs when fishing fast moving water. The worms can easily fall of your hook.

Another great choice of trout fishing bait are insect larva. Hellgrammites are a favorite of many trout fisherman. These are larva of the Dobsonfly. They make great trout fishing bait, because they have a primitive nervous system and continue to move around long after they are placed on the fishing hook.

Watch That Shadow

Trout can be hard to catch. They are easily spooked and might be unwilling to nibble at your trout fishing bait. A good rule of thumb is to be quite. Don’t stomp around near the water and try to avoid wading too close to the hole you want to fish. If you do disturb the fish, then you might have to move on and return again later.

When fishing rivers, it is good to cast up stream. Try to cast beyond the point where you expect to catch fish. This can be effective night crawlers or other trout fishing bait. Remember, fish are looking upstream. So if you are moving along the river downstream or casting downstream, you might end up spooking the fish.

Running low on trout fishing bait? Many fisherman cut up suckers or chub and use them as bait. This can be a good tactic if you catch one by accident. You might find that your trout fishing bait doesn’t catch any fish. Another common mistake is too fish at the wrong time of the day. Try fishing in the early morning or late evening. This depends on the feeding cycle of fish in the water your are fishing, so it might take some trial and error.

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