Enjoying White River Trout Fishing

The Ozark Mountains provide the perfect backdrop for fishing one of America’s best trout fishing rivers. In fact, White River trout fishing is the first choice of many discerning anglers. Not only is the area beautiful, but the trout are above average in size, and hungrier than ever.

The White River stretches through Arkansas and Missouri before finally draining into the Mississippi River. It takes a path of more than seven hundred miles. It travels first to the west, then north, an makes a huge lazy turn to the east where it continues on for its final couple hundred miles. There is all kinds of water on this river. Some of it is slow and easy, other parts are fast and exciting. You will have to decide which type of White River trout fishing is for you.

One reason White River trout fishing is so exceptional, is because the the eight dams on the river provide more areas for trout to live. Most of the dams are in Arkansas. Perhaps the most famous, is Bull Shoals dam. This dam helps create some of the best trout runs in Arkansas. In addition to providing some great fishing, Bull Shoals is a popular tourist stop.

Just thirty or so miles from the headlands, white river trout fishing begins to heat up. It is worth noting that the water change considerable throughout the year. During the dry season, the river slows to a crawl. During the wet season it is much higher and faster.

The river becomes colder after it hits the Bull Shoals dam. This dam adds significantly to the fishing. It provides the ideal habitat for trout. In addition, the state stocks this part of the river much more than the rest of the river. White River trout fishing near Bull Shoals is a favorite of many anglers and it is a popular fishing destination.

Not Just Tiny Trout

Hundreds of thousands of fish are stocked into the White River each year. Most of these trout are caught the same season. However, there are some giants that stick around year after year. White River trout fishing has its far share of giant fish. The largest brown trout on record is just over thirty three pounds. The biggest rainbow is set at nineteen pounds. It isn’t uncommon to catch rainbows and browns in the five to ten pound range. This is one reason this river remains so popular.

It isn’t hard to see why White River trout is so popular. Not only does it have diverse waters and ample fish to catch, but it is located in some of the most beautiful country around.

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