How to Setup a SUP for Fishing

Successful fishing on an SUP requires organization and planning. With an unstable platform and limited space it is a challenge to rig a paddleboard. Here is a look at an SUP rigged for fishing.

Depending on the board width and stability there are several configurations to layout your gear. I prefer the rods behind me. They are harder to watch but out of the way when trolling. I do keep either a fly rod or spinning rod in front for easy access. There are crates and setups where the rods are in front, but I am constantly getting the line tangled with my paddle.

It is easier to kneel down in front than to sit and turn around to access gear. For that reason I will store all my tackle in a crate in front of me. There are manufactured crates already set up with pockets and rod holders or you can easily make your own from a milk crate (available at Target or Home Depot), sections of 2″ PVC pipe and some cable or wire ties. The crate is secured with bungee cords. Many boards come with factory mounted tiedowns. If yours does not there are kits that have 4 plastic hold downs and epoxy to glue them to the board.

My crate will hold all my tackle, lures, water bottle, leaders and misc stuff. I also keep pliers and / or scissors handy. There is an easy setup for a SUP fish finder that I made using a clamp from Home Depot and a “Humminbird Fishin Buddy”. I only use this when it is calm as it will bang around in waves.

My board is wide enough to strap a cooler on the back. I have set it up with 3 rod holders screwed to the back of it and 2 clamps that hold the paddle on front. Great for a seat as well. The cooler contains gear that I don’t access that often. I keep my anchor there as well as some line, a dry bag and lunch. This is my fish box if I get any keepers. This is MY BOARD.

Lake access is usually easy from a beach area or a ramp. Unless the wind is really blowing I will take as much as I need. The only thought here is that a cooler acts like a sail in the wind making it hard to paddle. Ocean conditions are a little tougher. Depending on the surf I will take as much as I can carry or as little as a single rod, a gaff, and a dry bag clipped to the boat. Surf is easier to get out in than to come back in.

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