Sage Fly Rods

sage fly rods
Sage Fly Rods are manufactured in Bainbridge Island Washington state by people not only dedicated to science of superior fly rod manufacturing but also to the artistry involved in fly fishing itself. Applying the latest rod making technology to the age old fly rod making tradition has allowed Sage to produce superior products with outstanding performance since its founding in 1980.

The very first line of rods produced by Sage was released in 1982 and was called the RP line. RP stood for reserve power and this line was specially designed and created to never run out of power. Building on the idea it was better to have the power to cast a long line and not need it than to need the power to cast a long line and not have it the RP line of Sage Fly Rods rapidly drew the attention of the world wide fly fishing community.

Sage has continued to add to their line of products over the years allowing them to offer solutions for everything from light line fishing to heavy line salt water fishing. Finally adding both Spey and European two handed casting fly rods to the list of rods offered by Sage. There are now so many options offered by Sage it is difficult to choose which ones to focus on. We will look at a few of the many Sage Fly Rods available and try to give some basic information about each one.

Sage Vantage Fly Rods

The vantage line of rods by Sage offers a wide variety of lengths and weights from which to choose. Starting with the 3 weight 7.5 foot option and ending with the 9 weight 9 foot option. The ability to choose the best weight and length is one of the best things we have found about the Sage Vantage line. This line is a medium-fast action rod and has hard chrome snake guides and hard alloy stripping guides. This entire series puts the spotlight on quality construction and outstanding power and feel for not only the long casts but also the finesse to land a #20 dry fly in the exact spot you want.

Sage ZXL Fly Rods

The ZXL line of fly rods by Sage also offers a wide range of choices when to comes to both weight and length. Weights range from 3-5 and lengths range between 7.5 foot to 9 foot. The ability to choose the weight and length that will meet your exact fishing needs is one of the best points in favor of this line of fly rods. This series is also designed to be lighter and stronger making it much easier to cast for long periods of time and still has the power to handle a hard charging fish or a long line cast with ease.

Sage Flight Fly Rods

The Flight line by Sage is a versatile series with sizes ranging from a 3 weight 7 foot length to a 10 weight 9 foot length rod. Designed to generate high line speed with the ability to better feel the load on the rod means this series has improved power transfer and a greater efficiency. With these attributes you are able to have a better casting experience and focus more on presentation of the fly than on the mechanics of casting alone. This instinctive casting allows you to focus on other conditions such as wind and water making the entire casting process simpler and should improve your chances of catching fish by allowing you to focus more on the final step of presentation of the fly.

These are just a few of the Sage Fly Rods available today. Each rod is made by people dedicated to fly fishing and who not only make the rods but use them as well. For more options in Sage Fly Rods click HERE.