Scott Fly Rods

scott fly rods

Scott Fly Rods are made by anglers that love to fly fish and that love shows through in every rod they make. A fly rod is much more than the sum of its components and it’s design and manufacture is as much an art as it is a science. Scott Rods are a great example of art and science blending to make a functional thing of beauty that performs well in the real world and retains an art like beauty for years.

Scott G2 Fly Rod

The G2 line of Fly Rods is the model with the widest variety of options in size offered by Scott. The G2 line has 15 different weight and length options starting with a 2 weight 7 foot 7 inch model and ending with a 7 weight 9 foot model. With such a wide variety of choices you are sure to able to find one that will match your preferred fishing style. All Scott G2 Fly Rods are 4 piece models and manufactured with an eye to quality and versatility. They all use an internal ferrule and use compound progressive taper designs with multi modulus lay ups and thin walled natural finished blanks. They are easy to use and provide great accuracy.

Scott T2H Two Handed Fly Rod

The T2H series of two handed Fly Rods have three size and weight options from which to choose. A 6 weight 12 foot 6 inch model an 8 weight 12 foot 6 inch model and a 10 weight 15 foot model. Each of these models break down into four sections for easier travel and storage. These Rods are well suited for Spey casting and feature a fast action for longer casts. If you regularly fish big water and need a rod that can cast the maximum distance the T2H series is one you should strongly consider. As a two handed rod you have great stability and exceptionally smooth delivery.

Scott Classic ARC Two Handed Fly Rod

This Rod is offered in one size which is a 6 weight 11 foot 9 inch model and also breaks down into four pieces for easier transport and storage. This was one of the first “switch” rods made from a graphite blank and specially designed for two handed use. This rod has a good response and is a medium fast rod with internal ferrules. Even today this is still one of the best rods for crossover fishing delivering smooth casts with great response and feel.

These are just a few of the Fly Rods available from Scott today. All models are built with high quality materials and designed to meet the specific needs of Fly Fishing. The G2 line is the most well rounded of the products offered. The T2H and the ARC lines are much more specialized for Spey style casting and reaching the maximum distance with your casts.

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